“Cherish the natural world because you’re part of it and you depend upon it”




At nära we care about our products and we have a passion to create and provide beautiful gifts that also consider the world in which we live. Our luxurious scented candles are made using a plant based wax, ensuring a clean burn for both us and the environment. The wax once melted is also suitable to massage into your skin and can be used as a therapeutic body oil.



Our gift boxes and postal boxes are made from 100% recycled materials. The glass for our candles, reed diffusers and room spray are also recycled glass. We produce one product which is contained in recyclable plastic, however we endeavour to change this in the near future. The factory that we work with runs completely on solar energy for all its power, making it sustainable.

frank Green reusable cup, coffee, stainless steel

Re-useable CUPS

At nära we wanted to provide a reusable cup as part of our gifting collection as we are conscious that plastic drink bottles are the most common of all plastic waste. Therefore, we went on a search for a beautiful, well designed reusable cup. We found exactly what we were looking for in Frank Green. Frank Green cups, are made from safe materials, can be recycled if you do ever need to replace it and you only need to use your coffee cup 15 times to offset the environmental impact it took to create your Frank Green cup! We really hope you love this new brand to nära as much as we do!