As I sit and write this Sunday’s thankfulness I’m aware how long this last month has felt. Whether it be the transition into autumnal weather, the new school year or just general life I am exhausted. So, if like me you are feeling a bit done in from this first half term, grab yourself a cup of something warm and let’s take five minutes to lighten our hearts with gratitude.

My first thankfulness has got to be the clocks changing tonight, I personally could not be more excited. I love all things hygge, and if you read my last thankfulness post you’ll know I’m slightly obsessed with autumn so bring on that extra hour in bed. The darker earlier nights and just the general coziness are big wins for me, can we start mulling wine yet?

My second thankfulness is for my Orange and Patchouli room spray. Guys, we made a really good room spray. It lasts forever, and I spray multiple times a day and it’s smell is seasonally fitting. Yes, there is a lightness and freshness of orange and lemon when you first spray, which is a lovely lift to a room. But the darker, woodier base notes of patchouli and the geranium cutting through the middle. It’s warming and invigorating, what a mix. You can shop it here, now.

Thirdly and I’m not ashamed to say that I only just discovered The Good Place on Netflix. It’s hilarious take on heaven and the after life with witty comments, it’s light and the episodes are quick. A perfect pick me up after a long and boring day. I’m a fan. It stars the wonderful and hilarious Kristen Bell, has three series to smash through and is bound to make you laugh. 10/10 and would highly recommend.

And finally, in this coming month we are taking part in our first ever event. We are so thankful and excited to be at the Golddigger Trust preloved clothes sale. Golddigger Trust are a beautiful charity with a heart and mandate to support and champion vulnerable young people, you can read more about here, in our blog post from last week. With a chance to smell and touch our beautiful products in the flesh and support an incredible charity we really think that it’s not one to be missed. You can buy tickets online here, we’d love to see you there.

love nära

Kate Daw