Cashmere Socks

It’s Tuesday evening, which means the mid week malaise is settling in but worry not, I’ve got some news. Whilst completely biased, I couldn’t not pop on and write this post. Have you tried our cashmere socks? Because if not, I would highly recommend you do. I myself, have enjoyed my socks for a while now but haven’t worn them recently. The cashmere socks, to me represent a TREAT, its not like just putting on an old fluffy socks and feeling a bit sweaty 7-9 minutes later, taking them back off and feeling sad. No, no the cashmere sock is more than just a sock (my husband is laughing at me as I write this, but he has never worn the cashmere socks and so doesn’t understand), it’s putting on such luxury, such opulence and knowing that everything is better because your feet are 100% happier. It’s choosing to take five minutes to stop and breathe. It’s choosing to put yourself first, which is hard but vital. Okay maybe the socks aren’t doing all of that but they’re definitely helping.

So, on Sunday evening as I was settling in for a long evening of LOST (I’m fully aware the show is 14 years old but I’m still super hooked) I decided to pull them out and pop them on. And let’s remember, they’re my product. I know what they feel like, we created them so none of this should be a surprise. And you could say this is some sort of shameless plug, and I guess yes it is. But goodness gracious the gorgeousness of them really took me by surprise. So unbelievably soft, so almost unbearably comfortable (these words are not doing it any justice!), they’re just such a beautiful product. And as a long term suffer of sleep issues, I really do feel like the help me fall asleep much easier!

So this is a reminder to all of you who have bought beautiful products and are keeping them for something special. It’s Tuesday evening, you made it through whatever you made it through so far this week, today is special. Light the candle you’ve been saving, use extra bath oil and put on the socks. And if you don’t have a special product to remind you how special you are, you need to go to our products page and pick one, because everyone needs a pair of cashmere socks, trust me, I made them.