Best luxury scented candles... that are vegan?

Yes, you read that right. All our candles (as well as many of our other products) are VEGAN. And we believe they are the best! Let me explain why. The wax we use is a delightful mixture of soya and rapeseed oil, both of which are, of course, ethically sourced. They are completely free from petroleum, paraffin, animal and beeswax. Hallelujah! Didn’t know there was anything wrong with those types of waxes? That’s okay, we are all learning. Petroleum and parrafin waxes are non-renewable and non-biodegradable, not cool. And animal wax and beeswax often involves the harming of animals in order to create the wax, really not cool. Read more about that here. Whereas our cruelty free candles are clean burning, additive free and not tested on animals. Meaning you can burn all day long and not feel bad, but instead feel really really good.



Because high end candles should never come at a cost to the environment. We want to be completely honest and open about how clean our candles are, so you can feel confident in purchasing and burning. We believe we are all on a journey to help save this planet, and that doesn’t have to cost you your luxury candles. Scented candles, especially this time of year, are a must. That hygge feeling, cosy evenings, delicious foods and of course the designer candles. And we are so glad that this year, we can supply the ethical and environmentally friendly option.


Plus, have you ever wanted to smell like your favourite candle? Well now you can! Because our candles are SO clean, as they burn and release their beautiful smell and begin to melt, the oil can be used as a body oil. I’ll say it again, you can cover your body in whatever scent you want and it’ll stay on your skin all day whilst moisturising and keeping your skin happy.


So what about the smell? Sometimes when products try and do too much, they end up not doing anything at all. But we are thrilled to tell you that just because our candles have the moral high ground, they really do stand up against the big dogs in the scent world. Don’t believe us, give them a try. Basically we just love things that work. Candles that don’t hurt anyone? Tick. Candles that smell really good? Done. Candles that look effortlessly elegant? We got you. Our scents include heady, bougie smells like Neroli and Moroccan Rose as well as cleaner, fresher scents like our Lime, Basil and Mandarin. Love Lavender? So do we as we have not one but two lavender inspired candles. To truly relax, we recommend our Ylang Ylang and Lavender but for a more invigorating scent try Lavender and Bergamot, we reckon you’ll be surprised. And for the sweet and spicy lovers who just can’t make up their mind, Black Pomegranate because quite simply, it’s the best. Tell us which one is your favourite! And remember, seasonal scents dropping soon!

love nara