Coffee and Catch Up's

June already? I know it sounds cliche but does anybody else feeling more than ever that time is just flying by? We’ve been massively busy, with a number of new products on the way (be excited) and a huge change in suppliers, it’s been a busy time! We have meant to keep you more in the loop than we have done, and for that we are sorry! But we’re back and we are excited to share. So what is happening this month? Father’s Day is under a week a way so we’d encourage you to get your orders in. We also have two very special offers on, so be sure to make use of them. They were created with dads in mind so we really do hope you like them! 

These new products that I’ve mentioned are incredibly exciting, we have been working really hard on them for a number of months now and have created them all by hand. Yes, our hands, so we are very proud and do hope you like them. Be sure to keep your eye over on our Instagram page to see when they will be announced, of course our mailing list will get exclusive information so if you aren’t already signed up to receive our emails, we’d encourage you to do so! 

So June, schools finishing, holidays are coming and iced coffee is needed. We’ve got candles for the teachers, towels for the holidays and cups for the coffee. Head to our products page now and get inspired. What are you most looking forward to this June? Comment below!