and we couldn’t be more excited. Obviously we love gifts (couldn’t you tell?) so we are so excited to announce our Gift Guides where we discuss not only our favourite nära gifts but also gifts from other companies. Let’s see what we have here then:

  • Coming in hot on our gift guide is the trusty Cashmere Scarf from & Other Stories. You know we love cashmere long time and unfortunately we don’t make scarves yet but if did we would want it to look and feel like this! Undeniably soft and a beautiful shade of grey, we thank you really can’t go wrong. Plus it’s the perfect oversized size. We love.

  • Did you know we have a Mulberry Silk Pillowcase? A few years ago I received my first ever silk pillowcase for Christmas, and it was glorious. Surprise someone this year! Comes in a gorgeous keep sake velvet pouch, with care instructions.

  • Run, don’t walk has never been so apt with our next product. It’s the Limited Edition Ambient Lighting Edit - Volume 4 by none other than Hourglass Cosmetics. Hourglass Cosmetics, who are famed for there lit from within powders have just announced that they are striving to be completely cruelty free by 2020 and now have a range of vegan products (this palette included). It’s super cool to see such a huge luxury brand make this commitment but obviously we are super excited about this!

  • Okay, so you need to know her quite well in this case but we just think you can’t beat a good pair of boots. They’re one of my favourite gifts to give and receive. Our favourite from this season are these Chelsea Boots from Beyond Skin. A timeless piece that will last for probably all of time, oh and did we mention they are vegan?

  • Have you met our Bedtime Box in large. It’s a firm favourite here and it’s got everything you need to make someone feel truly cherished. With Cashmere and Mulberry Silk, the box exudes opulence, one of our best selling candle’s and our Black Pomegranate Hand Cream. We love it and we are yet to find someone who doesn't!

  • You just can’t go wrong with jewellery (well you probably can, but not with this piece) and you definitely can’t go wrong on The bracelet that has been catching our eye is the Signature Chain Bracelet but you could close your eyes and click on something and still be in love. We recommend everything.

  • Have you met our Bathtime Box? Peace in a box, we highly recommend for anyone who needs to chill out this holiday season. With delicious smelling bath treats and a sustainable exfoliant, this box is everything you need to relax. Just add a personalised message and we will do the rest for you.

There’s a perfect gift for everyone, we hope you found this post helpful! Stay tuned for our gift guide for him and stocking fillers, coming later this week. And remember 10% of all Bathtime Gifts now!

Love nära