Okay, I knew I was taking on a challenge when I decided to do a guys gift guide but I definitely under estimated quite how much of a challenge it is. Basically because they’re all so lame. I’ve discussed this at length with my husband and he agrees. I showed him my ideas and he again reminded me that they were pretty lame (in loving, supporting way - don’t worry!) So he offered to give it a go. So here is his, hope you enjoy!

  • An aroma diffuser, the best one we have seen is from Muji! Because and I quote ‘they look like something from space’, but mostly they look and make every room feel about 10 times more peaceful as soon as those little puffs of air start coming out!

  • NBA Socks, now I really feel this is an incredible niche so I've widened it to sports socks in general, because actually quality socks are worth the investment. Now if you’re man is more cosy, less sporty, we know of a sock he might love..

  • Local independent coffee/restaurant voucher, because January is a long month and needs little perks throughout it! You could even choose a few coffee places and get him a coffee at each. Plus a great way to support your local community. Independent shops ftw!

  • A water bottle. The in thing and for all the right reasons. Everybody should own one, reduce plastic, be sustainable and a great reminder to actually drink more water! (Some insider knowledge my husband spent 3 hours doing research into this bottle, so you don’t have to and he loves it in real life - a winner).

  • A beard trimmer with a vacuum. If your man is hairy, no more needs to be said. There are lots but this one is on offer right now, go go go!

  • The nära towel, and I didn’t even ask him to say this. Because its good for the gym, traveling and handy because it folds up into a tiny space. It’s also 100% organic which means it hasn’t been treated with any nasty chemicals and gets softer and more absorbent each time you wash it, handy indeed.

We’ve hope you’ve found this somewhat interesting and helpful, even if it was just a good way for me to get my husband to write a Christmas list for me to use. Remember, anybody can enjoy any gift as long as it’s personal to them! And remember, 10% off those socks now!

love nära