Our Bathtime Range

Our Bathtime range, filled with calming products to help you get your chill on. From a specific spa smelling vegan candle, to a beautiful shower gel and body cream set, a powerful towel and an exfoliator that loves the environment. In different sets, on their own or all of it (because why not), we think this range is some of our best work and absolutely love sharing it with you.


Because we are all tired and busy and tired and we’ve heard it all before. With nära itself meaning cherished we are desperate to start seeing that, not only in the gifts we buy our friends but by the time we spend on ourselves. And, with the nära philosophy to work from rest, this range couldn’t be closer to our hearts. A lot of us don’t realise that rest doesn’t just mean sleeping for longer but in fact its the absence of fear or worries and dictionary.com actually calls its ‘the refreshing quiet’. Yes please. From running three separate businesses, to having three babies in three years or managing a chronic illness us nära women know what we’re talking about, so you can go ahead and trust us. Agreed, we don’t want to take up more of your time, we just want you to use it better. You are probably showering for less than eight minutes a day (UK average, we don’t think you’re dirty) or listening to that podcast that your friend from work said was an absolute must in the bath with the big light on so you can also reply to those emails. Firstly if you’re having a bath with the big light on, you are in need of an intervention. Secondly none of that sounds nice. Stop bathing badly.


Imagine a place instead, free from phones and distractions, with a nära neroli candle burning gently in the background. Maybe with beautiful music playing, or maybe not you begin your ritual. Whether it’s a bath or a shower you take those eight minutes (or as long as you have) and you step into a moment of serenity. Your moment to rest, your moment of refreshing quiet. The smell of our Moroccan Rose begins to work its magic through the use of our shower gel which is filled with moisturising honey and nourishing Argan oil to help your skin feel rested. Stepping out and wrapping your body in the organic peshtemal towel which dry you faster than a normal Terry towel and finishing with our beautiful body cream which is created with fast absorption to lock in all that goodness we dare you not to have a beautiful, reflective and restful time.

Yes, you’ll notice we haven’t spoken about our beloved bamboo body brush. But thats because most of you are spending less than 10 minutes in the shower/bath/on yourself and we’ve got to take baby steps here people, come back later this week to learn about how and why to dry brush. We promise it’s exciting stuff! Sign up to our email list and we will email it straight to you, helpful, we know.

love nära