Our Bedtime Collection

Here at nära we are passionate about sleep. A good night’s sleep shouldn’t be something that happens on the off chance everything goes well but should be a guarantee. If you’ve ever struggled with the sleep (and we reckon you might have as as many as one in three adults in the UK struggle, read more about that here), you’ll know how tricky it can be and how important the evening routine is. And we’re not saying good sleep can be boxed up and sold as a luxury gift, but we think this can make a difference.


Well thats one area in which we excel. We created our bedtime boxes around the perfect bedtime routine, and products that lend themselves to establishing a beautiful bedtime routine for you. Why is a routine so important you ask? Well, it sends clear signals to the brain, helps to release those sleepy feelings and help you drift off faster. And no, its definitely not just for something for children, we need a routine as much as they do (maybe more) to help regulate

So here is our take on the perfect bedtime routine, using the products we created and our imagination. This is just our idea, but recommend taking some time to think about what is most helpful and least helpful in order to maximise healthy sleep.


An hour before wanting to fall asleep move to your bedroom, remove all screens and distractions from sight, making sure alarms are ready for tomorrow and phones are on charge. Perhaps you'd like a cup of something warm (decaffeinated of course) or listen to some gentle music. Light your carefully curated Ylang Ylang and Lavender Nära Candle and allow your senses to be soothed. With Ylang Ylang, a natural antidepressant which lifts anxiety and worries and Lavender with proven soothing and calming properties to help you sleep, take a few deep breaths. Now might be a good time to think about what you have been thankful for today and what you have learnt. Give yourself time to process and meditate, breathing in the joy of rest and out the energy of the day. Try to keep light to a minimum now, as it is proven that bright light before bedtime can send messages to our brains which can delay sleeping for another 85 minutes!


It's time to put on your most comfortable pyjama's (FYI all your pjs should be your most comfortable!) and your new Pure Cashmere Sock's, which again is proven to send clear signals to your brain that it is time for sleep. Using Cashmere specifically and keeping feet warm can also play a part in keeping and encouraging better sleep. Enjoy the luxury of your new Black Pomegranate Nära cocoa and shea butter hand cream, with the promise of moisterised and softened hands (and feet if you like!) with a deep, rich sweet smell. Finally, it's time to lay back and with the help of your Silk Eye Mask and Pillowcase allow yourself to fall asleep. And you'll sleep better knowing that Charmeuse Silk has proven qualities in keeping hair shiny and skin smooth and proven to reduce wrinkles!  


Sound super dreamy and still searching for the perfect holiday gift? We’ve got you. You can shop our different bedtime products here.

Kate Daw