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You're Invited

Attention Sheffield friends!

We are so thrilled and excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at this years Golddigger Trust’s Womens Pre-Loved Clothes Sale, on Saturday 17th November. A gorgeous event that is filled with shopping pre-loved clothes, stalls from other local businesses (includin

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Best luxury scented candles... that are vegan?

Yes, you read that right. All our candles (as well as many of our other products) are VEGAN. And we believe are the best! Let me tell you how. The wax we use is a delightful mixture of soya and rapeseed oil, both of which are ethical sourced. They are completely free from petroleum, paraffin, animal and beeswax. Hallelujah! Didn’t know there was anything wrong with those types of waxes? That’s okay, we are all learning.

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