Why do we celebrate it?

We started celebrating thanksgiving a few years ago now, not because we’re American and not because we like trends. We just love being thankful and think we could all do with more of it. There really is so much to be thankful for, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Plus did you know that it actually improves physical and mental health, increases better sleep (which is why we recommend bedtime thankfulness) and reduces stress, you can read about that in more detail here. We celebrate it to encourage positivity and let go of negative ways of thinking, and to welcome a new mindset, to be freer to be happier. All of that sound good? Keep reading.

How do we celebrate it?

So how do we engage this very American tradition? We’re not saying you need to cook turkey and eat pumpkin pie, but the latter is definitely recommended (our favourite recipe is here and our favourite vegan gluten free recipe is here). And if you do want to have dinner with your favourite people, then please, do that! But mainly, just be thankful. Easier said than done right? Indeed, and we’re not saying ignore the difficult parts of life and live in a fantasy, not at all. But by not being thankful for the good doesn’t make the bad go away, so we encourage you to try it over the next few days and see if you notice a difference. We’re interested in being offensively thankful. Why? Because we’ve decided to live not dictated by our circumstances and instead be empowered by our choices.

Let’s play a game

Just saying your thankful for your new winter coat probably isn’t going to change any mindsets, so let’s play a game! Thankfulness ping pong is one of our favourites. Find a friend and tell them something you are feeling thankful for today, and then ask them what they are feeling thankful for. And then you go. And then they go. And then you go. You’ll be surprised, you are guaranteed to laugh and I promise you’ll be feeling lighter at the end of it. The trick is to see how long you can go for! Or time it, and see how many you can get in 30 seconds! Let us know if you played and how you felt! If you’ve got no-one to play with, we’ll play! Just DM us instagram with the word THANKFUL and we’ll play. See, now you’ve got now excuse!

Wishing you the best week, filled with joy and knowing how cherished you are

love nära